What’s that we hear you say?

“Wouldn’t it be great if Real Crafty had an online shop so I could order freshly canned beers right to my house whilst holed up in this Tier 3 madness?”

Oddly specific but sure, here you go


Fancy a last minute treat before we become electronic for a while? 🤖

🎸The fantastic Zha Olu is joining us for a last minute surprise set TOMORROW NIGHT so we go out with a bang before we close for a little while.

Staring at 6pm. Don’t be late! 🍻

We’re still open until 10pm tonight and from 12-10 tomorrow.

So get down while you can (or whilst WE CAN! get it? It’s another canning machine joke...) have a nice pint in a pub (could be your last for a while) and grab some amazing beer to take away! 🍻

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